No pointless exercise in showmanship. Each tune seems to tell a story.

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“A guitar virtuoso with a playful experimentation” (Music Zeitgeist), Martin Simon writes instrumental music with “subtle artistry and fragile emotions” (Jazz Corner)...   read more about Martin here >>



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Martin’s favorite way to make music…

Martin’s most popular compositions played by a Central European folk-jazz band.

SLAVICADA: Central European Folk meets Jazz

Martin’s most popular compositions played by a Central European folk-jazz band.

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LATIN JAZZ: This music is in my “blood”

Why I love Latin jazz and flamenco and how I hear it. Astro Project brings to life some of my best musical memories.

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EXPERIMENTING & INTERACTING: How some of the best projects come to life?

Interacting with other artists is my favorite way of making unimaginable things happen.

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About Martin Simon

“A guitar virtuoso with a playful experimentation” (Music Zeitgeist), Martin Simon writes instrumental music with “subtle artistry and fragile emotions” (Jazz Corner).

Guitarist and composer Martin Simon is best known for connecting contemporary jazz with classical and ethnic influences. Pursuing his passion and love for experimentation he often transforms simple motives into extended musical forms, infused with polyrhythms and spontaneous improvisation.


Martin Simon has presented his projects at various premiere venues including Festival Transversal de Madrid in Spain, International Society for Improvised Music in Chicago, Festival de Jazz Centroeuropeo, the Presidential Palace of Poland, 25th anniversary of Polish Senate, 4-Trust Visegrad Project, Dynamic Visegrad Ceremony, Slovak Cultural Institute, Multicultural Festival Galicja, EU parliament celebration in Warsaw, among others. His Suita Slavicada has become a flagship repertoire of Slavicada Quartet and premiered at the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Poetry.

He has performed with dozens of musicians from around the world like David Watson (John Zorn), Paul Steven Ray (Vernon Reid), Salim Washington (Kenny Garrett, Anthony Braxton), Chris Bacas (Buddy Rich), Jorge Amorim (Baden Powell, Al Foster), Arturo Martinez (Jose Greco), Alfonso Cid (Pilar Rioja), Carlos Hayre among others.

After spending years in New York City, having a close connection with Latin American and flamenco musicians, he recorded an acoustic guitar album Collage in a duet with a Honduran-Spanish guitarist Astor Escoto—described by MusikReviews as “one of the best contemporary world guitar albums of the decade”. In 2011 his composition Vision of Seven Keystones was nominated among the semi-finalists in the instrumental category of the largest American International Songwriting Competition /ISC/.

Martin Simon was first recognized at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz national young jazz competition after wining the main prize for original music as a leader of a jazz-fusion group Jazzva. The National Slovak Radio recorded and broadcasted live performace of his Conversational Music with experimental group ConversClub featured in “Jazz under Pyramid” longest-running jazz series.

After receiving a travel grant he moved to New York to further his music training. He was a member of the New York Mandolin Orchestra and BC Electro-acoustic Music Ensemble, collaborated with award-winning film and visual artists such as Miroslaw Rogala, John J.A. Jannone, Ronaldo Kiel, Anat Inbar, and SangHee Ann. He is an author or co-author of several music and multimedia theatre works including Bridge to You, Blackbox, Melting Away, Little Pictures and others.

Martin graduated with a Master degree from Brooklyn College, where he studied composition, performance and interactive media arts. His mentors included Tania Leon, Douglas Cohen, Noah Creshevsky, George Brunner, Amnon Wolman, Miroslaw Rogala, John J.A. Jannone and others. He has been also active as a university instructor. He taught computer music, composition and audio production for film and animation at Pratt Institute in New York. He has coached dozen guitar players and developed curriculum for guitar workshops. He was invited to present his work at the International Conference for Improvised Music (ISIM) along artists like Oliver Lake, Art Lande, Mazen Kerbaj, Stephen Nachmanovitch, Pauline Oliveros, Michael Zerang, Anto Pett, AACM and others. His work was published by the University Press of America.

We are transferred to a different dimension of time and place

Pardon To Tu

Concert showing the “Slavic soul”


[Simon’s guitar album] Collage might very well be one of the best contemporary world guitar albums of the decade

Muzik Reviews

One of the best shows we’ve hosted

El Paza Jazz Club, Madrid

Exciting and engaging with great moments of improvised music


Timeless, thought-provoking, with world-class production

Los Angeles Music Zeitgeist


Each part blends together with grace and eloquence

All About Jazz


An emotional range like that is very impressive

Muzik Reviews


Art of leaving listeners spellbound

Jazz Corner


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