“When a child is born, parents are celebrating. When an artist gets a new set of paints, he(she) is looking forward to creating a new painting. When a musician gets a new instrument, it’s as if a new child is born… and he(she) wants to do something with it right away”.

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And because such a “child” was just born to a friend of mine, unexpectedly—within a single hour of one afternoon—a recording of one of my favorite tunes came to life again (which some had already seen on Youtube or Facebook).

… and it happened without any effort on my part. 

This unexpected recording was made by Wojtek. Some of you may know him from organizing the Open Live Heart benefit concert. Others may have heard his hypnotic piano performance accompanying some well known singers.

But few know that Wojtek makes all this happen in the speed of “light”—almost instantly—from idea to organization, performance and final production.

Unusual Birthday

This time, the new “child” (instrument) used in the recording, is a fretless electric bass guitar—with a characteristic, sustained tone.

(For those not familiar with this instrument, it was played by the legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius).

The speed of light

No more than twenty minutes have passed from my phone conversation with Wojtek—in which I promised to send him the backing track—and I had a finished bass recording back on my table.

(… actually not just the bass recording but the whole piece mixed and ready to go).

In the meantime, I didn’t even manage to send him the promised backing track. Wojtek himself downloaded my previously recorded version of this composition, recorded the bass, mixed everything together and emailed me the final recording.

(and it wasn’t done carelessly or in a poor quality).

I don’t understand… I’m too slow to understand…

The only things I know is that it’s good, creative and sincere.

Thanks so much for such a birthday gift (although if it wasn’t even my birthday).


PS: If you are somewhere on vacation right now and you’re reading these lines, please take three minutes of silence to listen to the recording and—especially—to the bass.

PPS: And if it speaks to you at least a little bit please let me know or send any comments below.

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